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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Basic, Basic Skill

Now you have the mindset and, maybe, you have stored some seeds. Good start. Just as an aside, the seeds can be used as currency as well as growing. OK. Now, what would be a good starting point in skills acquisition. My choice is blacksmithing. If you learn blacksmithing, you will be able to make your own tools from iron. That means real independence. Years ago, if you needed a plow or something along those lines, a blacksmith made them. Learn what hand tools or horse drawn tools can be made. Use your own imagination as to what you may need. You certainly could make your own knives, probably arrowheads, too. You are your own limit. You can get blacksmithing training (and a whole lot more) at the John C. Campbell Folk School for starters. Think about what you would do (in the worst case you can think of) to provide for your family and friends. Then seek out the training. Low and medium technology is the place to start. We'll add to this list each week (maybe more often) and hopefully you'll have fun, expand your mind and never need to deal with "the worst".

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