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Friday, January 20, 2012

More mindset stuff

There are other survival blogs out there and they have some pretty good stuff. My difference with them is that they only address the fortress angle of preparedness. I believe you have to have mobility, too. Face it, you may not be able, literally, to hold the fort down. You may just have to go. Somewhere. Anywhere. I believe that you are able to make the best decisions about WHAT to take and probably WHERE to go. I'm about helping you discover information and skills you may not realize exist. Train your mind on how to do things and the location becomes less important. There is a publisher that has reprinted hundreds of books that teach you how to do things from 70-80 or even 100 years ago, before computerization or any other really modernization changes. YOU are the skill owner and learn how to do things. The outfit is called Lindsay Publications and I have only been delighted with what I have purchased. Imagine that you think you need some training in ceramics (who knows you may be making bowls for cooking..). They had a book in one of my catalogs entitled "The Compleat Potter" (I hope they still do) which tells everything about ceramics including how to grade the clay you dig from stream side. Talk about down to earth! Lots of other books about technology for living from long ago. If things get really bad, hi-tech will not help you. Low-tech will. Check 'em out.

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