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Saturday, January 7, 2012

I have the mindset, what's next?

Skillset should be next. Who knows how bad things may get? It may be natural disasters. It may be rioters run amuck or even government gone bad. Do you have any training in low or medium technology that will let you function in a limited resource environment? Can you knapp an arrowhead from flint? Build a bow? Make arrows? Trap food? Think about it. Do you know how to get water from the air? How about dig clay from a riverbed and make ceramics for living from them? ALL these skills are available to read about at least. Practice would be much better but at least reading about it causes you to think in different (read "better) patterns. There are numerous publications that will help you get those skillsets. I really like Kurt Saxon's stuff because he finds out how things were done 100 years ago before high technology. Have a look at his stuff here. I will be listing several places to acquire information that could keep you alive in a disaster. Everything can be taken from you but your skills. Do your best to make your skills better.

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