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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Teaming up

As you continue to prepare for the worst, maybe you can find others who are like minded. There is a lot to be said for teaming up with others. You can look out for each other, help when there is an emergency and in general, just support each other. You may have a neighbor who is a chemical genius and can mix chemicals to make ice, heat or even medical supplies like ether. Someone like that would be a valuable asset and can trade those skills for things like food and clothing. Realize that I am not suggesting you advertise your preparations only that you be alert for allies. Believe it or not, you may have to try to grow crops in secret. I remember reading about a fellow who had 6 (yes, six) cotton plants in his garden and was harassed by someone from the Department of Agriculture because he didn't have a cotton allotment. Unless something big happens in the next election (like Ron Paul getting elected) the Department of Agriculture will try to control all food production and that may mean hiding what you are growing. Check out "Square Foot Gardening" to see what can be done in a little bit of space. It's a really nifty concept whose time has come. Using this idea, you can have a community with each person producing something different and have plenty to trade. Check it out.

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